By Beinghere


Well, we have had a lovely day.  Got up, late as usual, and looked out to see a snow storm.  I had expected last night`s snowfall to have melted but instead more snow had fallen.
So it was a very quick breakfast for us then out to play in the snow.  Geordie was still a bit reluctant but quickly got over it.  We played in the garden then set off through the park.  He was fine until he noticed a snowman, who wouldn`t move no matter how much Geordie shouted at him, so he gave up. 
We walked along the shore and round the harbour where it was very quiet.  Then back up to the park where I threw snowballs for him.  I met a woman who had been in the sea with her friend for a swim this morning.  She stressed how wonderful it was, but I`m still not convinced.
Back home for more fun in the garden, then indoors to warm up.

While online this afternoon I spotted a fellow blipper had posted a beautiful image she had created by "Twirling" on Photoshop.  I was intrigued, so inquired for advice, then spent the next couple of hours on Photoshop Elements learning to Twirl.  I had great fun.  I think there will be a lot of twirling going on here.

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