The Masked Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman?” my (nice) neighbour asked me as I desnowed my car this morning. I didn’t particularly, but she wanted to send a pic to her grandchildren so I agreed with an enthusiastic: “Oh yes!”

As we built the snowman (mindful of distance and with my walking buff over my nose and mouth) my neighbour told me she’d not seen another person for five days and had been feeling desperately lonely. We had a good ol’ chinwag and I offered to pick up groceries if she needs anything as she’s scared of slipping on black ice.

My feet were cold and my gloves and trousers soggy by the time we’d built the snowman but it was worth it to know I had made someone feel less lonely and sad.

The afternoon and evening was a lazy snow day with my walking buddy who has support bubbled with me the past few weeks as it’s too far a distance to travel to Sussex to see mum and dad and too risky with the high infection rates until they’re vaccinated.

This evening my buddy made us soup and it was delicious. Such a treat to be cooked for! I say support bubbling is keeping us both sane and stopping us feeling lonely but he says it’s care in the community - cheeky git!

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