Life through the lens...

By ValC


Wide Wednesday challenge “ Earth”. Which today was well and truly frozen
Mr C took the car for it’s MOT, so I went out on my own lockdown for a walk.
I decided to stick to what I thought would be an easy farm path. Wrong. It was treacherous. However I managed to walk in the grass along the side most of the way.
One lady I met, who was out with her dogs, warned me to be careful as it was so slippery.
Anyhow I managed to get back home in one piece. Although -4C it didn’t feel too cold as I was well wrapped up, and the sunshine actually felt slightly warm. It also made the snow sparkle. Really beautiful.
( Extra shot is a photo of a very happy cat sunning itself on to of a dustbin)

Pleased to report the car passed it’s MOT.

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