By hazelh

Even more snow

Wow - we had even more snow overnight - and once again everything in the garden looked lovely. I photographed this furniture in the shared garden first thing this morning - before anyone else let themselves in and ruined the fresh snow (especially the children!) I also discovered that I don't own a shed as previously thought. It's a ski chalet - see the extra.

I struggled to sleep last night. This was due to aching legs and too much brain activity. The latter is related to four deadlines all falling on the same date next month. I also think that I am probably not getting enough time outdoors, so this afternoon I invited Mr hazelh out on a longish walk to Holyrood and back. We set off in sunshine, got caught in a mini-blizzard on our way up to Dunsapie Loch, enjoyed the sunset on our descent to Queen's Drive, and returned home in the dark. I took quite a few pictures along the way, the favourite of which is the coronavirus snowball beside the palace wall. I have posted it here as a second extra.

Mr hazelh made a snowman in our back garden earlier today. Perhaps that will be my blip tomorrow.

Exercise today: walking c6.5 miles, 17,000 steps to Holyrood and back.

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