There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Will You Come for a Winter Walk Along the Creek?

It snows about every night or every other night now. We used to get little, measly, pansified winters, with hardly any snow. But no, this is not one of those. Snow was expected again, but not until day's end, or so they said. So we took advantage of the clear-for-now roads and went on a little road trip to Bellefonte.

Our trips these days often include three parts: errands that must be handled, a lovely snack of some kind (nearly always takeout), and a nice hike. And so on this day, we did all three. Plus, we tossed in a quick visit to the library in Bellefonte - as though I NEEDED more books, but yes, I got some! - and saw a tiny train by Talleyrand Park, just three cars.

So we ran our errands and got our books and nabbed our salad, and headed for Fisherman's Paradise, along Spring Creek. It is one of the nicest places I know of to walk in winter, and the views are so lovely down along the water.

I love the strange, frigid beauties of winter, and I wanted to show you a few, both big picture and little picture things, for the glory is in the details. For the big picture, see above. This is what it looks like along Spring Creek: trees, and snow, and the creek itself, providing amazing reflections.

I wanted to dive a little deeper into the snow reflections on water, and so that is my second shot, included in the extras. See how the water patterns look like brush strokes from the Master Painter, so perfect, so orderly, so neat.

And here and there, along the creek, there is ice. Not a lot of it, mind you. In fact, the one ice droplet I'll show you is teeny-tiny, and it's my next extra photo. Look how exquisite the crystal is, and again, notice the patterns on the water, which changed with every shot!

There were tracks everywhere, and runs made by animals. We identified raccoon tracks, but some others we didn't know. In one case, tracks came out from under a huge hollow log, crossed the trail, and slid on down a little causeway into the creek.

I have just one other photo for you - it's the delicious chef salad we picked up at Jim's in Bellefonte and ate while sitting in the front seat of the car along Spring Creek. My husband had brought along an extra container, forks, Parmesan cheese, and drinks, and we split it before our snowy hike. And it seemed very civilized indeed!

My soundtrack song is a Steve Miller Band tune that almost has some Moody Blues vibes to it: Wintertime. I hope you enjoyed your little winter stroll along the creek!!!

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