Nothing but Powder, Baby!

We got about four inches of fresh powdery snow overnight, and of course, T. Tiger and his pals had to go out and play in it. We bundled everybody up pretty good, and then tucked them all into makeshift sleds. (That middle one is actually a modified bathtub; go figure!)

And then they went riding on the snow, all over the yard. They conquered the pile of snow behind my Mazda, they actually sledded ON the fresh snow atop the Mazda, and then, in this photo, they tackled the huge snow pile in front of my car that is well over my head.

Much merriment was made outdoors, and nobody actually fell OFF the sleds for a change, which was a good thing, we think. And then it was back indoors into the warm, with cups of hot cocoa with mini marshmallows all around! Hooray for winter fun with your besties!

The soundtrack tune is this one: the Ronettes, with Sleigh Ride.

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