Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Look What I've Got

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The weather this weak has been unbelievable, well above average. i've spent large portions of my days sitting outside soaking up the sunny warmth.  It's going to dip a little next week for a couple days. Hopefully, we'll get the rain that's forecast.

The quail have gotten a little bolder when I'm on the patio as have a few other species. But I still can't move much or move very slowly.  I have gotten quite adept at picking up my water without scaring them away.  I never saw a Gambel's quail go after a peanut before.  I toss the mixed seed around the yard for the ground feeders but seeing this was a first.

Because my yard is stones and not grass, I have to use no waste seed mix. Basically, that's a birdseed blend that still has sunflower seeds but they have been husked. I discovered early on that most of the birds couldn't "break into" sunflower seeds in the stones of the yard and would carry them onto the patio to crack them open. Talk about a mess. Rather than bits of peanuts (crushed or otherwise), it also contains half peanuts. The blend is hand mixed at a store in Tubac.

I believe I'm caught up on my blips now. I've even posted one in time for abstract Thursday.  The weather is distracting.  I don't have as much trouble keeping up with posting when it's 105°/40° but when winter temps are 77°-80° I really don't feel like spending any time on the computer.

Check out my hand drawn geometric abstract

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