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By Jeanneb53

Jab day!

We decided to make our daily walk our trip down to Bingley and back this morning for me to get my vaccination. Good job we did as by 8.00 am our drive was blocked by a ‘chipping’ machine that had arrived with the ‘tree fellers’ taking down a Rowan tree next door.

We went through Mouse woods into Myrtle Park and this, somewhat unremarkable shot, was taken at the town centre end of the park showing the relatively new Lidl building beyond the bandstand. When I pass this I always think of previous buildings that stood there and I’m not taking about the ‘iconic’ Bradford and Bingley Building Society headquarters building that was much hated by many but not me, which was quite recently demolished.
When I was a child there were some pre fab type single story buildings here, painted cream and owned by the health service. What I always remember, as does Chris, is queueing here for my Smallpox jab sometime in the late ‘50s or early ‘60s. We sometimes speculate as to whether we were in the same queue!
Seemed an appropriate thing to recall today.
Yesterday was jab day for Eda. She went for her final 3yr 4 month boosters, so last night we had a face time for Boppa and her to compare notes. She asked him if it hurt and he said no but she said hers did. Poor Eda. By early evening she was dressed in her pink tutu, as you do, and was sporting pink plasters at the top of both arms. She showed them off to us together with her cat sticker saying she was very brave. She also had some chocolate cake in the car on the way home! Extra

I was early for my appt at the very modern health centre but was taken straight in and when I was sitting for my regulation 15 minutes afterwards my friend and neighbour A with husband K came in. She was late as the traffic had been so bad. So I think we got each other’s appointments and made the right decision to walk. When I’d spoken to her on Wednesday neither of them had heard about their appointments, Monday it was 68 -69s, Wednesday 66+ and yesterday it was 65 plus anybody else in the house hold over 60. As I say they are really whipping through them here.

I didn’t get chocolate cake afterwards but we had a coffee from Tarquins back in Myrtle Park before returning home via Beckfoot Lane and Low Park.
In the village the sun had opened the crocus by the bus stop which have been there a couple of weeks now but despite the blue skies there was a very cold wind around today.

A good walk, 5.5 miles and a good day. We are so lucky to have the NHS, for us when we were children and for Eda and Jude for their childhood inoculations, and for now in this time of COVID crisis.
Happy Friday everyone

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