Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos


Poor Hamish, it was such a hot/humid day, he is feeling the heat in his old age.

The ID photos went well.   There is a new co-ordinator who staged the assessments out and only one assessor and she also gave existing volunteers the options of keeping their old assessment photo rather than having a new one and so I really only had half a dozen or so photos to do.   That didn't let me off the hook though as I had to do things as part of the assessment of the volunteer and the dog -  waving hands around in the air, making loud noises and strange movements, milling about in a noisy crowd, shouting at the dog, reading to the dog while it lay on a mat for 2 minutes and giving the dog a rough pat).   I might add that I and my dogs have experienced all of that except for the reading bit in our visits.  In the violent geriatric ward in the psychiatric hospital, which was where I used to visit my first therapy dog, Sam, poor Sam was even was kicked.   We had to wear an alarm in that ward! 

Anyhoo, as a consequence I was cream crackered by the time I got home and fell asleep.   When I woke up it was dark and I didn't feel like going out and so thank goodness, I had a shot of grandpa in the kitchen otherwise it would have been one of the ID photos for my blip as I took nothing else all day.

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