By Beinghere

Loads of Money

It’s a pity it’s not real. I discovered the chocolate coins that I bought to put in with my grandchildren’s Christmas presents. I had completely forgotten about them.

We’ve had a very relaxed day here. My excuse is that we’re recuperating from yesterday.
Had a wee chat with Brucey on the phone last night. Good to hear they are all fine, although snowed-in. They got someone to clear their road with a tractor last week but now the winds have caused terrible snowdrifts so they have no hope of getting out at all. Aaron and Jessica are sledging in the garden today and having a great time. I have so many happy memories of sledging in the snow when I was wee, then taking the boys sledging when they were wee. Now it’s my grandchildren ‘s turn. I wish I was there to join in the fun.

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