By Beinghere

Looking South

Just a shot of the view from Mid Shore when we were out walking today.

Slow start to the day. Didn’t get out walking until lunchtime. Didn’t meet anyone to chat to but had a wee blether with Brucey and Jessica on phone when we got in.
Geordie’s coat is the longest it’s been and although it looks good his hair is tangling in bits. I just don’t think his coat is designed to be worn long. His hair is soft like cotton wool. So I looked at his hair then looked at mine and decided that I was in greater need of a haircut. So, out with the scissors and an hour later and two inches off all over, and I look a bit less like I have been hauled through a hedge backwards. Geordie’s haircut can wait until next weekend. It’s his third birthday next week so I will have him looking less scruffy by then.

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