The Robins Enjoying a Fresh Drink of Water

Late in the afternoon, a group of robins moved through our yard. They didn't seem to want any chopped peanuts, but they LOVED the fresh water. They sat and drank thirstily at the bird bath for 20 minutes or more, and then moved on.

If you love birds, and you live in a wintry clime, please consider putting fresh water out for your birds daily, as fresh liquid water is impossible to find at these temperatures.

Don't these birds just seem to be smiling? Yes, they are happy birds! Also, placing trellises near bird feeders and baths will provide a "waiting area" for other birds who are waiting their turn.

The local shrew also put in an appearance, and you may see him or her in the extras. My husband has named him "Little Fuzz Boy." We watched the critter run back and forth, swiping peanuts from the birds, and had a good laugh!

The soundtrack song is for the photo above, for I thought something by the Byrds might be appropriate. So here is Eight Miles High. One astute viewer comment:  "The days when everyone looked like Jesus and played the guitar."  LOL!

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