By dfb24

Lake Michigan Shoreline

It was -1 degree F (-18 C) when I got up and went to church this morning, and 2 hours later it was STILL -1 as I went out looking for photos.  I started out up on the bluffs and ended up down on the shoreline. This main blip was my favorite of the morning, but I did put three more into the extras. The first extra is from up on the bluffs. The bank of clouds lined the entire horizon; the white you can see out on the water is ice, and if you look at the top of the trees & then to the right a bit, you can just make out the sea smoke on the water. The third extra is a better view of the sea smoke, taken from down on the shoreline. (Sea Smoke is fog which is formed when very cold air moves over warmer water....."warmer" water being relative). The second extra was also taken from on the bluffs & is a closeup of an ice covered tree that's bent toward the water.   As I mentioned in my blip yesterday, our guy came and cleared our driveway and sidewalks, but about 45 min. later it started snowing again. Very light and fluffy snow & not very much--maybe about an inch. Knowing it was going to be very cold last night and today, and not wanting a drive full of frozen-ness, I decided about 4 yesterday afternoon to go clear it. Mae insisted on helping me, but didn't have proper clothes to be out for long in the cold, so I ended up having her wear one of my turtleneck shirts & one of my sweatshirts, both of which came down to her knees--added protection for her legs--and the sleeves had to be rolled up so many times that we could barely shove her arms into the sleeves of her winter jacket. She wore Tom's wool knit hat with her hood up. I gave her a pair of my mittens and rolled the cuffs over so they wouldn't fall off. She could barely move & we couldn't stop laughing. I took the shovel and gave her the shop broom (a low, wide broom that you just push), and darned if she didn't "sweep" the snow to the edges, where I'd pick it up with the shovel and heave it over the snow banks. We had almost the entire driveway done when Jennie pulled up to pick up Mae, so Jennie grabbed the other shovel and did the sidewalk while Mae and I finished the last bit of the drive. Many hands make light work--first time in a long time that shoveling was actually fun. Jennie stayed to visit & they didn't leave until about 7:00 so I didn't have much time to comment yesterday, so am a little behind.  Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine's Day!   :)

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