By dfb24

Friend.....High Key

Kind of hard for me to come up with a "live" friend under the circumstances, but I think Bruno fits the description. Some of you may remember seeing Bruno before. He was my daughters' constant companion, playmate and friend from about the age of 2 until she stopped playing with dolls, at which time I carefully packed him away until Mae came along & was old enough to want to play with him. Mae loved her new friend, too, however, she wasn't as kind to Bruno as Jennie was, and drew a "smile" on his face as well a "star" (read "scribble") on his left cheek........with indelible marker, of course. Years ago his face was so dirty that I'd used an alcohol wipe to clean his face. The alcohol ran down to his left eye and made the color run. My daughter cried and cried when it happened because I'd (accidentally) "hurt" Bruno's eye. At the time I even contacted the Cabbage Patch company to see if they could fix it, but they said no. The indelible marker wielded by Mae made it even worse, so I took the liberty of "cleaning" him up a bit in Photoshop. Now you can see what he looked like before life happened.....a great friend to our family and still - "scars" and all - most beloved. :)  Thanks to Carolina for hosting MonoMondays this month. 

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