By dfb24

A Ring...

...that was my mothers', & is "something I treasure"--todays' theme for TinyTuesday. My grandparents gave her the ring on her 16th. birthday, which would have been on Nov. 26th., 1944. The stone is a Mexican Fire Opal and flashes blues, purples, yellows and oranges, depending on the light. She apparently wore it every day until sometime in the 1950's when the band broke, so she put it in her jewelry box, where it sat for a lot of years. I was in my early 20's when she was going through her jewelry box & came across the opal. I remarked on how pretty it was, and she told me how she'd gotten it & asked if I'd like it--of course I would--so I took it and had it reset. The opal itself is rather pitted on the top from all the wear and tear of its' 77 years. I need to see if it could be polished & smoothed, as I plan on giving it to Mae one day.......maybe on her 16th birthday, which would be very special. Big thanks to PinkhairedLady for hosting TinyTuesdays this month. :)  (And in an unrelated subject, we had snow that started during the night and finally ended around 1:00 this afternoon. Lots of wind and drifting, so the snow in our yard--because there's no where else to go with it when the drive and sidewalks are cleared-- is now waist high & I can't even get to the bird feeders. The pile of snow at the entrance to our driveway is closer to neck height. I guess we're getting all the snow for the winter packed into February! :)

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