By dfb24

Coopers Hawk...

...at least I think it is, but I'm no hawk expert, so any of you birders out there can feel free to let me know if I'm not right. I had a few errands to run this morning and couldn't believe how slippery the side streets as well as a few of the main streets were. Our city (probably because it's only 2  1/2 square miles in size) is always quick to plow and our streets are good to drive on. But once I was beyond our boundaries it was bad. I watched a guy in a van, driving way too quickly, go flying through a "yield" sign without slowing down and the back end of his van started sliding. Instead of letting up on the gas so it would straighten out, he tried to accelerate up the hill & his van ended up spinning in a circle and facing us....the oncoming traffic. One of many drivers going way too fast for the conditions.  I had my camera in hand, standing in our front window, taking photos of the juncos in the snow right outside the window when they all took off--and I saw the hawk come in and settle on the branch. It stayed for several minutes before leaving, which gave me the opportunity to get a few pictures of it. The sun, which was out earlier, has left, the sky is gray and dark, and we just had about 5 minutes of snow flurries, so I hope that's it for the snow today. :)

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