By dfb24


...for Abstract Thursday, and thanks to Ingeborg for hosting. After all the freezing temperatures we've been having, today's 17 degrees felt almost balmy! (- 8.3C). We went to South Shore Park so I could look for some shapes, and there were lots of frozen things around. The only thing I did to this was to crop it, because short of walking in the water, I couldn't get close enough to it. At 2 today, I was typing the last sentence of my blip when our power went out & everything shut off. I called the power company & after 6 minutes of pushing buttons as I was instructed (it's all automated) & going through all the voice menus & hitting the appropriate numbers for the problem, I got a recording saying the outage had already been reported, it affected 2,045 homes, and the estimated time for it to be fixed was 2 hours.   Too bad they couldn't have just put a recording saying that right in the beginning. BUT, it was fixed in an hour and 5 minutes, so a job well done! :)

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