I Witness

By KangaZu

Valentine's Day ...

... presents. 

The squirrels weren't showing me any love today as it took nearly all day to get this photo!  But to be fair we only just bought this new prop whilst we were out this afternoon.  But I did try with another Valentine's bag that was equally unsuccessful! 

Because of all the snow that we've received lately we knew that walking at both Jacobsburg State Park and the Plainfield Rail Trail were out of the question but we went up there anyway ... simply to check it out.

We were right ... neither one was walkable especially for me.  But we did at try to walk at Jacobsburg.  The snow is still quite deep but packed down in spots that I thought I was going to be okay.  But my crutches sank down deep and it was impossible to trudge through.  I need to create some sort of snowshoes to attach to the bottom! Wouldn't that be funny to see!

Hopefully the weather will improve over the next few days ... although I'm not very optimist .... and we can get out for some exercise soon. 

Happy (belated at this point) Valentine's Day!

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