By hazelh

6+ hours of gardening

I've enjoyed a wonderful happy day outside gardening with Mr hazelh. While he moved around 3 tonnes of Georgian rubble and soil to make space for the new compost box (to be built from pallets by Paddy), I furnished/stocked my shed, planted beans and peas, weeded three raised beds, repaired a bug house, rescued some stray bulbs, made tea, and tidied.

Tonight we will eat pancakes, play Carcassonne, and watch an hour of television.

I have six hours of conference calls in my work calendar for tomorrow. I will amuse my colleagues in our research group meeting with the feedback I received today by email about a funding application that I made last summer: 'Work that is internationally excellent in all of the assessment criteria. Will answer important questions in the field... The proposal's evidence and justification are fully and consistently provided and management arrangements are clear and convincing.' These are extremely supportive comments, yet the project was not funded...

Exercise today: 6+ hours of gardening.

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