Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Snow Removal Duty

The Tinies heard me talking this morning about trying to clear some of the ice off the trail across the patio...and of course you can predict what happened next!  They were not to be denied, the little rascals.  Before you know it, they were in the snow bank, with Ivan belting out instructions and the rest totally ignoring him.  A typical Tiny Event.  

After I managed to round them all up, I got a path clear to the bird feeders and water.  It's going to get bitter cold again tonight and more snow/ice on Thursday, so I'm glad to be at least a little ahead of things.

This morning I talked to my parents - today is Dad's 88th birthday and I although I wish I could be there to hug him, talking was the next best thing.  They are still waiting for the ice to melt in Portland so a quiet day was planned with a trip to Starbucks for excitement.  Their temps are warm enough today that their ice should be pretty much gone by tomorrow.  And well in time for their vaccine appointments this Thursday.

And (drum roll) I made my debut return to the gym this morning.  I only stayed about 35 minutes, enough time to do a set of light weights for upper body (shoulders, arms, delts, abs).  The weight room is quite large (1500 square feet at least) and there were only a few other people there.  The only bummer was that two young guys came in wearing their masks around their throats.  So, I quietly left and ratted them out to the manager who promptly dealt with it.  The manager is a woman close to my age who I like very much - when my workout was over, she and I had a nice visit, catching up on the last 11 months.  Anyway, my long road back to fitness has begun.  

You know the drill - keep safe, be kind, hoard eat chocolate.


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