Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Number Nine - Himself

I blipped the female Northern Cardinal (Yardbird #9 for 2020) back on 23 January and have been waiting for just the right time to give equal time to the male.  Arguably one of the showiest birds in the eastern US (and throughout their range) and a bird I can see every day in my garden.  Lucky me!  I probably should have waited to feature him on a snowy day, but I liked this shot so ... there you go.  

Started the day with a nice long chat with my parents and a big virtual hug to my dad for his birthday today.  I'm looking forward to delivering a personal hug soon.  Then, a little time in the hide; a trip to the gym and more time in the hide.  My kind of day.

Today is the third day of Audubon's Great Backyard Bird Count, an event that is in its 23rd year and has participants from all over the globe.  It's easy to participate and provides invaluable data to Audubon and Cornell Ornithology Lab.  Good stuff.  Tomorrow will be the final day and I am thinking I may venture beyond my backyard to do some counting. 

The sun is staying up a little longer each day now.  The House Finches have started singing (although the females are not at all receptive and can frequently be seen chasing the songster males away).  Signs of spring are starting to emerge, although we're quite a ways away yet.  Soon...


Fitness notes - warm up if 1.75 miles in elliptical followed by weights. Weekly summary:
Gym visits - 5
Hike - 1
Miles walked - 8.5
Elliptical miles - 8
Weight training days - 3

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