Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Meet Tom

I spent a rather delightful hour in the hide this afternoon with four wild turkeys all around me.  I hadn't been in the hide more than 10 minutes when the first hen turkey came out of the woods, followed in short order by Izzy and Wattles and one tom (male).  They pottered around the patio and garden, eating seeds, drinking water and just doing turkey-things.  And me?  Well, I had the nose of my camera out one of the openings on the hide, snapping photos to my heart's content.  

I chose this shot so that  you can see the colors of his neck and head.  You can contrast this to the hen turkey I posted on 1- February  As you can see, the male's head is bare and much more colorful than the female's.  And, when his mind turns to love, his head will become almost shocking shades of red and blue.  I hope that I will have an opportunity to photograph some of the toms when the breeding season begins because they really are a sight to behold.    Anyway, you can see a full-body shot in Extra which includes his rather impressive "beard" - worth a look.

The sun was shining brightly and the temps today were in the low 40's so it was pleasant in the hide in only a sweatshirt and scarf (and pants, of course!)

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Fitness notes - 3.5 miles on elliptical and 1.5 on treadmill.  My foot is still sore and I had to drop the incline and speed.  Must be patient with myself.

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