Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Nuthatch in the golden hour

I started the day sleeping a little later than normal, then enjoyed a nice long phone chat with my parents.  Today is Dad's birthday - Happy Birthday, Dad!  Wish I'd been there to deliver a big hug in person, but have entrusted Mom to do it for me.  

Hubs was over at the Man Cave working on the race car, so I decided to spent some time in the hide.  Unfortunately, the sun was burning brightly which, although it warmed the hide, case unforgiving, harsh light on all the birds.  After an hour I gave up and ran some errands, took a little nap and cleaned up after SIL's dog who had decided to eject her lunch.  Then, when the golden hour approached, I bundled up and ran back out to the hide.

I do love that last hour of the day when the sun casts such beautiful warm tones on everything.  This photos was an easy pick since I love these little white-breasted nuthatches.  Uncharacteristically, he sat for the longest time on this perfectly lit branch, tooting softly at me.  And in case you're wondering, I couldn't resist some cardinal pics either.  Check Extra for a shot of Patches.

Going to whip up an Asian-inspired pork roast in the pressure cooker for dinner. SIL is going out so Hubs and I have the house to ourselves tonight.  I feel a martini coming on...


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