By JohnW

Joe and Biskit

So how do I combine Biskit (he who must be blipped - for the next day or two anyway) with a tree to honour Joe Tree?
Well yes I did have one or two ideas, but they may not have honoured Joe too well . . .
Then Biskit came to the rescue by taking up his usual observation position  while we were having our morning cup of tea.  Mrs W does give that extra bit of height.
Good day today; with the building work restarting next door (see extra), and persuading LV to remove the ‘additional excess’ for using your own repair shop for repairing the Mokka
This additional excess charge for using your own repair shop instead of their tied repairers seems to be a thing now with the bigger (better) insurance companies, and needs stamping on.  In my opinion it falls under the legal heading of ‘unfair contract’ (like the non-refundable deposit!) and needs to be justified.  I feel a snotagram to our MP coming on.
Still VERY behind with commenting.  I promise to make an effort this evening (if I’m awake) or tomorrow.

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