It Started Down Under

By dirk

Good Friday?

Can you believe this?! I was going on another bike trip today.. Turns out that Mason decided he needed the bike and without asking me about my plans he leaves with the only bike!

So after finishing my typical Australian Easter treat Hot Cross Buns, I walked all the way over the bike track to the fitness machinery that they have there.

Weather forecast for today: sunny and 22 degrees. Perfect weather for something like that.. So I was there in my shorts and shirt without sleeves.. and with my umbrella because it was raining! Listening to the music of Jesus Christ Superstar on my iPod I still managed to do a 2 hour workout. Fair enough, I combined it with reading in my copy of Wicked..

And back home I watched the movie Hook and currently while blipping I'm waiting for my fish and chips. Meanwhile I'm having a fun conversation with my dad on live messenger.

Good Friday!
(especially regarding the fact that I received 9 emails from my girlfriend)

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