An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

For Tree's a jolly good fellow...

For some reason I missed Joe Tree Day the last two years, completely passed me by that said, so do a lot of things!  Anyway, thanks for bringing it to my attention this year Cailleach

And so I will add my thanks - THANK YOU JOE -  to the chorus of blippers thanking him and recognising what a very special corner of the internet he created when he dreamed up, then set up Blip.  Even after 10 years of blipping, I still love this place and all the amazing people behind the journals I follow.  I have made so many friends thanks to Blip, and I am still making friends.  It's the site that keeps on giving :-)))

So sincere thanks Joe. Without you there would be no blip, and my life would be the poorer for it.

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