There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Great Texas Sea Turtle Rescue & Road Rally!

I don't know if you have been following the news, but things have turned pretty dire down in Texas. As they dropped into the deep-freeze, the power grids went out and there were issues with the water supply. And the very cold weather has caused big problems for the wildlife.

Sea turtles cannot survive in extremely low temperatures. They become cold-stunned and are unable to move. They float to the water's surface and are in danger of drowning or being struck by boats.

So some marvelous heroes have stepped forward to save the day. Turtle rescue groups have been working with boat captains to save thousands of sea turtles from the too-cold waters and bring them indoors where they may warm up and have a chance to survive. (News story 1. News story 2.)

The process involves loading the sea turtles into the car and driving them to the wildlife rescue center. One story I read described the rescue of a huge 200-year-old turtle. Can you even imagine: to have walked on land and swum in the sea for 200 years . . . and then to go for a ride in the car?

So we let our imaginations run free, and we decided to create a photo shoot honoring and celebrating the sea turtles who are in such danger, as well as the great heroes who have rescued them from the frigid seas and driven them to safety.

We only have one turtle in our collection (that we know of) and so we pressed her into service. This is her first major photo shoot playing the role of "rescued sea turtle."  She was doing her best effort to look "cold-stunned" and I think it's a a convincing effort.  *turtle takes a bow*

The Crittergators loaded her into the rumble seat of the car and took her for a drive. Some other parties joined in. The turtle did her best to play the part. It looked and felt like an authentic rescue type situation. But then it turned out that our turtle wanted to take the wheel!

"They call me the Texas Tornado," she hollered, as she put the pedal to the metal. And then the whole scene turned into more of a road rally than a rescue. Zoom zoom! We're on our way! (See photo in the extras.)

Now, we have TWO soundtrack songs for this story:
The Beach Boys, with Fun, Fun, Fun!
John Mellencamp, with Rumbleseat.

Editor's note:
We hope you enjoyed this bit of whimsy.
In all seriousness, thank you to the great Texas turtle rescue heroes.
We applaud you and celebrate your work!
And we send our best good wishes to the people and creatures of Texas.

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