There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Lil' RBG Challenges T. Tiger to a Luge Race!

Another few inches of fresh powder fell overnight, and in the morning, Lil' RBG challenged T. Tiger to a luge race. We found a nice spot and marked the courses with blue and green markers.

T. Tiger put on his ship captain's hat because he thought a luge might be sort of like a tiny ship, and so of COURSE he was the captain of it. "Avast ye, lubbers!" he cried! Lil' RBG wrapped herself in a warm and colorful scarf. And off they went!

We put a bell on Ruth so that if she fell off into a snow drift, we could easily find her. We hired four luge llamas to act as security and also to oversee track safety. And it was a good thing: Ruth got stuck in the snow and they had to pull her out.

"Climb on in!" Ruth shouted to the one llama: "You can call me your Llama Mama if you want to! Come along for the ride!" And so it did, and she did, and they did. And you may see that joyful photo in the extras!

The soundtrack song for the big luge race is this one: Sammy Hagar, with Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

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