By Ingleman

Nosmo King

Meet my new best friend. 
I have posted several times before  in relation to the multi fuel stove in the man cave shed. As my wife calls it, the erection at the bottom of the garden.. (would you loik anudder cup of tea Father...)  It was deemed prudent to purchase and install a carbon monoxide detector as we have a tendency to nod off from time to time in a fug of warmth from the fire intermingled with the alcoholic fumes that seem to linger in the rafters. So tonight, ladies, gentlemen and others, I give you the Fire Angel Carbon Monoxide Alarm. Guaranteed to wake the sleepy, the sleeping and the comatose. Just when I thought I had covered all bases somebody has added we should get a fire extinguisher as well. Damn, it never ends. Do we really need a fire extinguisher? Timber framed building, open flames, alcohol.... Mmm, what can go wrong.... 

Thanks for all comments and stars for yesterday's blip. Very much appreciated! 

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