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Doodle #14 (Saturday 20th February 2021)

Excitingly, the forecasters predicted unseasonable warmth for today, and indeed it was relatively mild but unfortunately accompanied by dismal light and considerable rain. Although I did manage to drive to the other side of Calne the walk I was planning had to be forsaken.

Instead here is the latest extract from my art school sketchbooks. At the time Pop Art was all the rage but with a few exceptions the best known practitioners were American, and perhaps the best known was the graphic design artist Andy Warhol and his Campbell's soup cans.

I did object to the Americanisation of everything, in fact I still do, so I chose to create my own can using Heinz baked beans. I didn't realise that Heinz are an American company, but they were ubiquitous here and I didn't think Campbell's soups were available here (or if they were, I didn't know! I was an ignorant teen).

P.S. "Many canned soups, including Campbell's condensed and chunky varieties, contain relatively high quantities of sodium and thus are not desirable for those on low-sodium diets. However, Campbell's Chunky, Healthy Request and other soups, as well as their V-8 and Tomato juices, are claimed by Campbell's to contain reduced sodium levels.

"By autumn 2009, Campbell's claimed it had lowered the sodium content in 50% of its soups range. In March 2010, this claim was challenged. ABC News reported that the low-sodium variety of Campbell soup in fact contains the same amount of sodium as the regular variety, and that Campbell's Healthy Request soup contains more fat than the regular variety." - Wikipedia

20.2.2021 (1933 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
David Bowie - Andy Warhol (recorded July 1971, Trident Studios, London)
Imagine having a song like this and putting it on a B-side? It was originally written for Dana Gillespie who recorded it first for a single, but Bowie's version on Hunky Dory found itself on the flip of Changes.

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