Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

At the end of the day

Another looooong Sunday under my belt!  Another gorgeous day: 14C/57.2F at the warmest part ... I just hope the fruit trees won't react too quickly as we're not yet safe from night frosts.

I'm looking forward to my second Covid vaccination next Wednesday - even if there are side-effects.   So I have to be really organized on Monday and Tuesday and prepare all the active things I need to do before.

I cannot see a sunset from where I live, so I decided to go out and try and catch one! There are so many buildings in the way here, but I did manage to climb a little, rather muddy, hill and even got a view of the mountains and a slice of lake.  The main photo was taken at 17:53 and the one in extras at 18:04.  Only eleven minutes between them, but what a difference in the sky!

I'm glad the day is at an end. Some days are just like that.

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