By Veronica


The tree we can see from our kitchen window is blossoming a couple of weeks early. Just a few buds a couple of days ago, but the warm weather yesterday has brought it out. For reference, the extra is part of the tangle I blipped on a wet day a fortnight ago.

It's been another wet day, and a yellowish dusk suggests the next lot of Saharan sand is arriving. Mystère has been liberated from his house arrest but isn't wildly enthusiastic about going out. No more after-dark forays for him anyway!

We have watched a few more episodes of Call My Agent/Dix Pour Cent and are enjoying it. We had never bothered with series before we watched The Detectorists. I'm a little bit surprised Call My Agent succeeded internationally because at least some of the humour depends on recognising the stars, not all of whom are well known outside France.

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