Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

The Huntress

Yesterday I put a shot of the immature female Cooper's Hawk who's been hunting our patch lately.  Today, I had a clean shot through the window of the adult female Coop's.  You can see that her eyes are red and the feathers on her back are not mottled the way the younger bird's are.  She is noticeably larger than the male of her species and therefore very easy to identify.  She wasn't successful on this trip through the yard but I do hope she finds a meal.

Hubs left this morning for the long drive to Alabama.  I already miss him.  

I went for my second trip to the gym this morning, trying to gauge it for a time when it would be slow.  It was actually busier than I would have liked but I kept a distance from everyone and didn't touch my face or mask at all.  And used disinfectant spray at every station. It feels strange to be doing something "normal" - I don't feel totally safe yet, but that's not surprising after the year we've all had.

Yesterday the US hit a staggering milestone with a half-million people who have died from Covid.  It is hard to even comprehend that number of people.  My heart hurts to think of all the families who have lost someone.

So, safe.  And always be kind.  


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