By Clazel


Another local walk around the ponds ‘in my own backyard’ Hookstone Woods, part of what was the ancient Forest of Knaresborough.

I’ve seen this heron before on a fir tree overhanging the pond, and it looks a good age, old enough perhaps to have learned to take time

Thanks to David for his request for metadata, it’s an opportunity to learn. I don’t have the technical language, but am now presuming that this is the camera information that -for me - has occasionally come up magically when a blip is posted, so I have done nothing to this photo other than download it on to my iPhone 7 in the hope that the metadata will appear. I usually tidy up my pictures using the phones edit option and sometimes I use a photo editor as well and I’m wondering if this blocks the metadata - I’d be interested to know. I have also started to experiment with something other than auto - I’m hoping that will be expansive, I’m expecting it to be slow.

I think I’m gradually getting a sense of what I want from and can offer to blip - I love, unsurprisingly, the beautiful images, my own and others, but what gets me most is a sense of the poetic and the meaningful in the synthesis of the image and word - I’d like to develop that - and I’m finding some truly great mentors on here, thank you

Well, that feels like more than enough - the grey matter went into overdrive!

I really do appreciate your visits and comments as well as loving what you generously share, and thank you so much for the hearts and stars generously sprinkled on my posts

Post blip addition - looks like I have metadata!

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