By OutAndAbout01

In The Pink

For abstract challenge of 'painterly' I'm going a bit girly, mostly because my picture had magenta hues and quite liked the shape and form of the underlying layer which was painted through onto a top layer.

I've had a bit of a clear out of blip buddies lurkers, removing a fair amount who no longer post and a few who I follow but don't reciprocate, just don't have the time to be commenting on people who put little to no effort in return...let's call it 'spring cleaning'.

The spindle painting returns today and I'm on the home run with another couple of days work before seeing real improvements. I've re housed Mac temporarily to the in laws to give the paint time to cure without black hair sticking to it, he only wants to help.

'I can't stay on your life support
There's a shortage in the switch
I can't stay on your morphine
'Cause it's making me itch
I said I tried to call the nurse again
But she's being a little bitch
I think I'll get outta here, where I can'

Alecia Moore

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