By dreaming


My technological woes became really dreadful over the last couple of days, because trying to change my password got me locked out of my Email account and I kept trying to get back in.  It meant I couldn't blip yesterday and that I had no idea what was coming into my Inbox.  After several efforts that required me to give them exact subject lines from recent Emails (which I didn't know, and had to get Lex, Doug and Manda to send me that information) finally this afternoon it worked.  I'm still exchanging messages with Blipfoto about how I can change my password since I don't know the current one.  That's so I can access Blipfoto from my new phone.

This is my effort at a painterly abstract of the reflection of the setting sun on the wet rooftop of the building across the alley.  I'm really pleased at how it came out.

Lex got her second vaccination today, and Doug and I will be getting ours tomorrow.  It's good to know that we'll be as protected as it's possible to be these days.  I hope all of you are keeping safe and have vaccinations in sight.

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