Lovely Wendy

This group of Wendy's Gold are looking particularly lovely. The yellow is so delicate. I do love snowdrops and woukd like to grow my collection with others that have names.

Work has been a bit frustrating at work. One of those days when I haven't achieved anything. But its the weekend now so I'm not going to dwell on it. I've made a couple of purses since I came in, but we don't have enough made to set up our hut STUFF faceboook page yet. Its hard work working full time, then starting another job as soon as you get in. So I guess its a slow burn. We have also been looking at formulas to work out prices. I've always under charged for my jewellery, and noticed craft sellers around me making more sales, with higher priced products. So we need to get it right. We plan to get onto it tomorrow with 2 sewing machines! Sorry to my lovely friend Claire who is desperate to be a customer! Not much longer I promise :-) I hope we don't disappoint!

Been in and out of mums today to give her her antibiotics at the right time. It is particularly cold in our house today though, so she is warmer in her own house. I am going to refill my office hot water bottle now.

So I'm relaxing now for some tv. We have decide to watch Gavin and Stacey from the beginning, as we haven't really watched it! Just the Christmas episode!

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