a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Under the moon of love?

Full snow moon above the Round Hill in the East, not long after the sun has set in the West.  I confess that I have saturated the sky and enhanced the silhouette effect. The couple walking their dog were there - they've not been added for additional compositional interest!

It has been a glorious Spring day. There have been one or two clouds, but hardly enough to notice. 

I ended up going to bed early last night after the jab with a minor headache and some shivery-ness but woke this morning feeling fine. Cathy has the day off work so we went for a pleasant stroll along the river I the sunshine.  There were no kingfishers in evidence but we did disturb a large grey heron that lumbered into the air and flapped off, slowly down the river in search of a quieter spot for its fishing.

Frustratingly the upload to Blip creates some slight horizontal banding across the sky which doesn't appear in the original processed JPEG of this shot.  Just pretend you don't notice it ;-)

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