Yeah - I've had my vaccination.  I was soooo nervous, being very needle phobic, but as always Nutwood Medical Centre were brilliant.  The whole thing was so well organised and I personally had no wait at all, but even those that did it was only minutes.

The vaccination itself took seconds and the lady who gave it to me was superb and also the one recording it all - supported me through.  

There were a lot of people  there, much more than I thought but all masked and socially distanced.  They cleaned after every single person.   What amazed me was the sheer volume of 30-40 year olds - I thought we were still in the 60 year olds!!!!  I think there may even have been some 20 year olds in there!!!!  Still it's all good.  This means that on Thursday after G has had his latest INR blood test and re-registed as a long term temporary patient we can book him in too.

Sheer relief that the first one is over now.  Many thanks to C for giving me  some Mindfulness practice tips to help me through,  which helped a lot.  

Hubby took me down and wanted to go to the newsagents at Grange station to get a magazine and newspaper so I popped onto the Prom to take this photo.  It was quite busy on there.  I suppose being a nice day and Saturday everybody was wanting to get out.  Still all social distanced and I didn't touch a thing.

Round 1 done.  Some form of normality on its way within a few months - yeahhh.  Although I personally will still wear masks and hand sanitise for some time to come.

UPDATE:  I've just watched Captain Sir Tom's funeral, that's a box of tissues gone.  What a beautiful service and an amazing family.  They all speak so well, something I wish I could do.  RIP Captain Sir Tom and THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Take care everybody, stay safe and see you tomorrow.

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