A Visit to the Museum of Natural History

I don't know about you, but one of the things I miss during this pandemic is visiting museums. So we decided to make our own museum at home, and visit that! T. Tiger was elected to be the chief curator of our museum of natural history.

Our exhibits included some dragonfly exuviae, a desiccated salamander, and a squashed many-legged bug (note: I did not squash it; I found it that way). Much to our surprise, there were tiny dinosaurs running around. But hey, I guess that's natural history, too!

In other news, the moon waxed full on this night, and it put on a great show, shadow dancing among the clouds. Then, later, it developed a golden corona. It almost looked like a flower in the sky. You may see the full snow moon in the extras.

Our soundtrack song for this day is for the shadow dancing moon: Andy Gibb, with Shadow Dancing.

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