Shadow Worlds

It's been an odd winter. We've had very little snow or ice, but lots of mist and fog, and the occasional bout of weather cold enough to freeze bubbles quickly.

I awoke to fog again on this day, and I made two quick stops: one at Skytop Farm Pond, which you may see above; and a second at Bernel Road Park, a view of which you may see in the extras.

I am a big fan of fog and mist because they take ordinary scenes and turn them into something phantasmagorical, which is to say: something strange and unusual, as an element from a dream, perhaps even an illusion.

Is this the real world that I know and love? Or is it a shadow world where I could get lost as I wander down a new and mysterious bend in the pathway? The adventurer in me likes the idea: to disappear into the mist; to pay a visit to the Shadow Worlds.

Here's a song for mist: Richard Armitage, The Misty Mountains Cold, from the film The Hobbit. I have to say that I giggled at this viewer comment: "If you don't think music is important, you need to know that dwarves convinced Bilbo Baggins to rob a dragon by singing."  :-)

Far over the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To find our long-forgotten gold

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