More Fun with Frozen Bubbles

With temperatures in the mid-teens in the morning, and good light, I decided to do the frozen bubble experiment again. I had to make some more bubble mix, which involved water and dish detergent in about a 4:1 ratio, and a touch of Karo corn syrup, all in all a rather sticky mess.

I went out twice, once for 11 minutes and once for 14 minutes. Once again, I used a clear, round, plastic Christmas ornament as my bubble base, placed it atop a container to stabilize it, and smeared the top of the ornament with bubble mix before blowing my bubbles directly onto that spot. (Blowing the bubble is important, but getting it to stick without popping can be a challenge.)

This week, I was out almost an hour earlier than last week, and I think the earlier light was better. I also had company, which provided an additional challenge: the Little Gray Kitty showed up, was very curious, and popped the first few of my bubbles with his nose!

I love to watch the bubbles move and change. Shapes and patterns emerge, and I even watched bubbles crawl down the side of my surface, and then they froze from the bottom up. I watched ferns grow, and geometric shapes emerge and move all around.

Included in this blip are two photos from the experiment. The one above is more golden, and the one in the extras has more cool blue tones. I noticed that my bubbles froze more quickly once my bubble mix cooled down after being outdoors longer; next time, I might even place my bubble mix on the porch to chill before I even go out for a photo session.

Here are links to the two prior blips where I did the frozen bubble experiment: last February, and last week. I hope you are tempted to try this if the temperatures where you live get cold enough. It's sort of a big mess but really lots of fun to watch, and the results can be truly magical!

For my soundtrack, here's a song I enjoy, and I think it suits my frozen bubbles: Idina Menzel, with Let It Go, from the movie Frozen. You see, the cold never bothered me anyway. . . .   :-)

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