By Maureen6002

Nant y Glyn

It’s a strange day - well the day itself is beautiful, it’s just my mood that’s strange. I want to potter, mooch around the house catching up with emails, reading, ordering garden plants and wine, researching holiday options - now that there seems a possibility of going somewhere. But the sun is shining and we really should go out - and venturing out on a day like this is surely not a chore ....

And so we put on our walking boots and head out, opting for country rather than coast as we imagine the latter will be packed. 

Soon we find ourselves in the Nant y Glyn valley - the valley of the Glyn stream. It’s where we saw the buzzards and my snow ponies earlier in the year, a glorious  V of steeply sloping farmland and small woods. So close to town, yet a million miles away - just the sound of the gurgling Glyn, birdsong and the bleat of new born lambs, occasional dog barks or human voices resonating across the valley. 

Intending to focus on some still life for today’s blip, and only intending to complete a short walk, I only have my iPhone with me, but once we’re there, we simply can’t turn back, no more than I can refrain from taking photos. 

We’re walking along the winding valley road, single track and never busy. Land still draining turns the pot-holed tarmac into streams of mercury in the sunlight, almost dazzling as we look, standing out against the spring-green lushness of the grass. 

As we climb higher, the occasional bark is replaced with a Baskerville-like howling and yapping of epic proportions; we have reached the RSPCA rescue centre just outside the village of Bryn y Maen. From here, it’s downhill all the way, first along country roads, then down through the woods and home. 

My tasks can wait until tomorrow...... 

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