By JeanSnaps


Up early but not bright eyed and bushy tailed so nothing much done until I got out and pruned back my kiwi fruit climber to create a space for my blue tit nest box. Found a selection of screw nails and cleared up some of the undergrowth so Andy would have a clear path to where the nest box was to be.  He came over when I phoned and the box was up in no time.  Frittered away some time having coffee then went out and tinkered yet again with the bird ground feeder.  I think I've got it sorted out now although if nearby plants grow a lot I may have to rethink.  The crocuses were alive with bees so a lot of time  was spent photographing and I saw a blue tit giving the new box a once over. . Later in the day Linda phoned which was nice.  Much of the conversation was gloomy though what with lockdown continuing, roads full of potholes, the problems of Brexit and the Salmond/Sturgeon affair.  We didn't seem to be able to find anything cheerful to talk about except the weather.  I'm keen to get on with the garden but am not walking as my knee and hip are not happy.  It's hard to strike a balance.  I think I need a day off where I take myself somewhere different  for a change.

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