I Witness

By KangaZu

Mono Monday: Week 371 ....

... light.

As soon as I saw that today's MM theme was light I knew what sort of picture I wanted to post.  My first thought was to do a similar one to this one posted seven years ago.  Was that really seven years ago!?! Wow!

But I consider March 1 as a birthday of a sorts ... even though my actual birthday is in September.  And I'm not talking about my half birthday.  It was 43 years ago today that my life was saved.  I've told the story before so I won't tell it again.  You can read it yourself if you're so inclined. 

With Richard's help and my remote I've created this celebratory portrait. The candle was his idea for which I'm grateful.  I tried to 'erase' the deep wrinkle between my eyes but that would make this picture a lie!  So here I am ... wrinkles and all!

Thanks to the Blackheath Blippers from Australia... this week being Isbi ... for stepping up to host this month's Mono Monday!  I just have one request ... if you all could keep in mind that you are a day ahead of most of us when posting your results it would be greatly appreciated!  What I'm getting at is please try not to post your results by Wednesday! Thank you! 

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