By TynvdB

Looking over my shoulder

After cleaning up inside and reading another Tillich chapter, I needed space, sun and fresh air. And the easiest way to get that is going for a walk in a wellknown direction. Our favorite riversidewalk towards Würgassen. As the weather conditions will improve later this month more alternatives are available. But for now this is good enough.
I like to walk along this side. Its a bit like beachwalking. Always changing in the rhythm of time, weather, season. Here I went on icy snow adventure. Here We both loved to meet sheep, horses, lean back on a bench, lay down under a shadowy tree, watch the swans.
Never monotonous, always different. A lot of different people underway, on bike, walking. Nothing special over here. But at least you can go as you like, without a mask on, only keeping distance. Just a riversidewalk with a few benches here and there. The air in the rivervalley is fresh and healthy. The waterlevel is lowering gradually. Bushes and trees covered with rubble, branches, all the things carried on by the wild floating River.
And again at the turningpoint in Würgassen, I sat with the swans. They were floating in perfect peace, one leg pulled up drying the web foot. Behind my back on the great lawn a couple leanening on a big bench, enjoying the last warm sunrays of the day. After a short stop at the Old Lemontree Roadshrine, I returned. Now and then looking over my shoulder as the sun was lowering in soft golden glow.

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