The remains of last night's fruit salad, some (full fat) yogurt and a teaspoon of my friend's honey. Food miles for the last - about one. Some of her bees have already been out collecting pollen from crocus and snowdrops. I wonder what this year's vintage will be.

Lovely sunny morning and just right for hanging the sheets and pillowcases out on the line. Nice fresh clean bedding tonight. I've not been out yet but it's been busy. The sweet peas seedings have been moved from a windowsill to the potting shed. It's been too warm for them and they need to put a bit more effort into their roots and less into their leaf.

Coffee with pals in Edinburgh and West Wales earlier. Much chewing over the political week since we last met. Nothing terribly uplifting to say about the bigger picture that's for sure. Apart from that aspect of the chat always good to catch up.

Now I'm getting ready to catch up with someone much younger in the shape of our grandson and his dad. Wonder what toys he'll be showing me today. Or what he'll be climbing on. Remote chats have been a great thing though I do long for an actual physical get together.

Overall the number of covid cases is falling but not locally. There's been a worrying spike in the health board area. This seems to be explained through increased testing and identification of asymptomatic people. I would not want to be a public health planner and I'm grateful that such people are there.

Well done to whoever got the blip site running again this morning after the glitch. And to everyone - have a good Saturday.

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