A time for everything

By turnx3

American white pelicans

I had seen on the Cincinnati Birders Facebook page during the week, that there was a group of about 12 White Pelicans hanging out at Cowan lake the last five days. The White Pelican is one of America’s largest birds. They breed in interior North America, migrating south and to the coasts in winter. Of course, I didn’t know whether they would still be there, or how far away they would be, but it was a beautiful sunny, though cool and breezy day, so we decided we would go and check it out. They have been seen at a couple of different areas on the lake, but we were lucky - the first boat launch area we tried, they were within sight. There were several people there, including the park naturalist who had a scope set up, which was nice. They were all huddled together, mostly with their heads down, but occasionally I was able to capture a shot with at least a few of them with their heads up. My camera was at full zoom, so they’re not totally in crisp focus, but I was pleased to see them - not a common sight around here. Since there isn’t a great deal of hiking at Cowan Lake, we continued on to Caesar Creek to get some hiking in.

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