An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Stoic is his middle name!

I was a little premature in crowing about how ok we were feeling after our vaccinations yesterday.

I continued to feel ok (apart from an aching arm) but by 10pm poor Alan had a temperature, was feeing sick, had a sore arm and was very tired.  He got a dose of paracetamol and into bed for a sponge down with tepid water, before falling asleep in just PJ shorts and a light blanket.

By bedtime David had a headache as well as a sore arm; my head was fine.  

We both slept well, as did Alan till 5.30am when he woke up feeling much cooler (temp normal) and wanted his duvet over him.  When he woke again at he was much brighter and cheerier.  He was still fine at lunchtime when this pic was taken, and went out for the afternoon with Jordan.  

David headed to the driving range mid afternoon, but when he got back he felt shivery and head-achey again.  He's gone to bed and I suspect that will be him for the night.  

Alan returned home at tea time, tired but happy and still giggling.

Apart from taking painkillers for my achey arm and feeling very tired, I feel fine.  I think I've gotten off the lightest and have achieved exactly what I set out to today, which is absolutely nothing!  :-)))

Since it looks as though David won't appear for dinner, I have treated myself to a bowl of cereal and once I upload this, I hope to get some commenting done.  As I have nodded off four times mid-type, I fear I may be being a tad over ambitious!  

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