twinned with trumpton


What was forecast for Friday finally arrived on Saturday; sunshine and little enough wind to make paddleboarding an option. 
Duly, she arrived (with an escort - me - I cycled into town to get my legs stretched) and off to the crowded beach; 5 other SUP on the water whilst we were there. It's becoming oh so common, dontchayknow? (No Dryrobes, though)

She set off about the water; and for a hour dotted about the place; before a quick dip and then lunch.

Her lass was due to meet up with others, so She wanted to be home to make sure there was no party or pre party at Hers; I headed off to meet Baz and his hound for a stroll about the Jack Kane Centre and The Fort before coming back into town to cook Her dinner (pasta al vongole - version) and slump before some US Office. Her lad then showed up with a lass who he'd managed to almost get marooned on Cramond Island with (a variation on a line I'd seen used many times, many years ago). Spring is in the air. 50km for the first time in an age. 

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